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Two-layer Dental Bib Kit (1 Dental Bib + 3 Absorbent Layers)

Two-layer Dental Bib Kit (1 Dental Bib + 3 Absorbent Layers)

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Durable and professional, these reusable two-layer dental bibs will replace your typical disposable paper bibs. Two snaps on the upper part of the bib will hold the absorbent layer in place when in use. Switch to a new layer for each patient. The startup kit comes with one (1) waterproof layer and three (3) absorbent layers. You may purchase additional dental bib absorbent layers depending on your needs. You may also use the waterproof layer on its own. Simply disinfect between each patient.

Waterproof layer: 42 x 33 cm
Absorbent layers: 42 x 33 cm

Waterproof layer: Medical-grade fabric tested in the laboratory to ensure excellent barrier effectiveness against pathogens.
Absorbent layers: Cotton and polyester blend.

Separate absorbent pad from waterproof layer. First, throw the absorbent layer in the washing machine. If visibly soiled, clean the waterproof layer by wiping it down twice, or use soap and water. Once the waterproof layer is dry, disinfect it. Do NOT machine wash the waterproof layer and always wash the absorbent layer using hot water and your usual laundry detergent (bleach may be added during the wash cycle if desired).

Please note that our products do not come with bib holders.

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Marlin Boser-Johnson

No pictures shown on how you make it or how you wear it