About me

Hi, my name is Marjorie. 

I am the mother of three wonderful children: Zoe, Liya and Kylian. I am also a full-time general practitioner in dentistry and have co-owned a dental office in Gatineau, Quebec since 2016. 

I absolutely love my job; it is gratifying to know that I can have a positive impact on my patients' quality of life. I am also blessed with an amazing team at the office. The work I do would not be possible without them.

However, there is a downside to my profession: the enormous amount of daily waste. Gloves, masks, cotton rolls, swabs, wipes...and bibs. Practically nothing can be properly recycled. 

During my maternity leave, probably while washing one of Zoe's dirty cloth diapers, I thought to myself: how can we do our part to reduce waste?

My mission with this product is to provide an inexpensive and professional solution to help dental offices make their practice a little greener.