Are the bibs approved by the ODQ (Ordre des Dentistes du Québec)?

The ODQ does not give seals of approval for new products on the market. As long as the item follows disinfection and asepsis guidelines, it is acceptable for use in dental offices. Since the bibs are considered non-critical items, cleaning and disinfecting them with an intermediate-level disinfectant approved by Health Canada is sufficient.

Reference source: Mise à jour des lignes directrices - Contrôle des infections et retraitement des dispositifs médicaux  (p. 39; in French only) - Document available on http://www.odq.qc.ca


What is special about medical-grade PUL (polyurethane laminate)?

To make our bibs, we use medical-grade PUL because it has been tested by a third party to assess its penetration resistance to bloodborne pathogens. This fabric has passed ASTM F1670-B and ASTM F1671 testing and meets the highest standard of protection. This Level-4 barrier fabric is widely used to make medical gowns.


How do patients feel about reusable dental bibs?

As a dentist myself, I have been using these bibs in my dental office for over 2 years, with thousands of patients. I have NEVER had any negative comments from a patient. Most do not seem to notice the change and the ones who do tend to congratulate my staff for being environmentally conscious. The design of the bibs is clean and professional; it blends right into the dental office environment. 


What do we do with the bibs once they become too worn or damaged to be used in our dental office? 

TerraCycle offers a recycling program that gives used fabrics a new life. Synthetic fibre textiles, such as polyester, are pelletised and made into new plastic products. You may purchase a fabrics recycling box yourself, or if you’d prefer, send back your used bibs and I will gladly recycle them for you.